About Luke


received_10155408931994547_1_1So here lies the eternal question for each of us: who am I?

I’m quite a few things actually.  I’m a traveler, born and raised with the world as my backyard.  A significant chunk of my childhood was spent living in an RV, a 27-foot travel trailer that was house and home until high school.  I’ve been privileged to have visited almost all of North America as a result, and nearly 30 countries.  Into adulthood I’ve kept up the spirit of travel—or rather, this spirit has kept me up over the years.  I’m a wanderer in spirit, a traveler by nature and by nurture.

I’m a teacher, too, of yoga, meditation and English.  I’m an aspiring writer and a language enthusiast.

Certainly not last or least among all these, I’m a seeker of the Divine.  I’m a missionary, a believer trying to find God right where I am and dedicated to bringing this Sacred Presence to others.

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